Part Number

ماژول بلوتوث 2.4 گیگاهرتز ورژن 4.2 و 5

NRF52832 Module

موجودی محصول

در صورت کمبود موجودی محصول می توانید آنرا به لیست استعلام اضافه نمایید تا توسط کارشناسان واحد سفارشات خارجی بررسی شده و نتیجه به شما اطلاع داده شود

قیمت محصول
تعداد قیمت
1 5,220,540 ریال
25 5,107,050 ریال
100 4,955,730 ریال

 E73-2G4M04S1B is a SMD bluetooth wireless module based on
NORDIC's nRF52832 RF chip. NRF52832 has high-performance ARM
CORTEX-M4 core and Bluetooth 4.2 and Bluetooth 5 RF transceiver and
protocol stack, and has abundant peripheral resources such as UART, I2C, SPI,
ADC, DMA, PWM, etc.The module brings out almost all IO ports, which is
convenient for users to conduct multi-faceted development, Please see pin
definitions for details. The module has built-in PCB antenna and can connect
other antennas through IPEX. The product has obtained FCC, CE, RoHS and
other international authoritative certification reports, users do not need to worry about its performance. We use a 32MHz
high precision low temperature drift active crystal to ensure its industrial properties and stability.
Because this module is a pure hardware SoC module, users need to program it before they can use it.

 Communication distance tested is up to 100m
 Maximum transmission power of 2.5mW, software multi-level adjustable
  Support bluetooth 4.2 and bluetooth 5.0
 Built-in 32.768 kHz clock crystal oscillator
Support for the global license-free ISM 2.4GHz band
 Rich resources, 512KB FLASH, 64KB RAM
 Support 2.0V~3.6V power supply, more than 3.3V power supply can guarantee the best performance
 Industrial grade standard design, support -40 ~ 85 °C for a long time

  Support onboard PCB antenna and IPEX interface, users can choose according to their needs

مشخصات E73-2G4M04S1B

  • Part Number
  • Output Power
  • Packaging
  • Minimum Operating Temperature
  • Antenna Connector Type
    PCB / IPEX
  • Supply Current Receiving
  • Product
    Bluetooth Modules
  • Maximum Operating Temperature
  • Dimensions
    17.5mm x 28.7mm
  • Operating Supply Voltage
    2V to 3.6V
  • Supply Current Transmitting
  • Frequency
    2.379GHz to 2.496GHz
  • Interface Type
    I2C, SPI, UART
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